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Take Care Of Yourself With These Tips After Double Eyelid Surgery

Cosmetic surgeries like double eyelid surgery help you get the perfect eye shape. They involve cutting and sewing your eyes with incisions. There are various reasons why we can consider this surgery. Also, the professionals use multiple techniques to correct the shape of your eyes. However, after the double eyelid surgery (ทำ ตา, which is the term in Thai), you need to take extra care of yourself so that you can enjoy the long-term results. A minor mistake can elongate your recovery, or you may face different discomforts.

This article discloses all the dos and don’ts you should follow during your recovery after surgery. Let’s examine each one.

Recovery Time

Every individual’s recovery time is different. However, on average, it takes 1-3 months for the eyes to remain in perfect shape after surgery. Remember that recovery time for every patient is crucial. The patient should take complete care of himself during this period.

Some Don’t After Eyelid Surgery

No Smoking

Smoking creates pressure on our blood vessels and may also affect our wound area. Therefore, after the double eyelid surgery, it would be wise to quit smoking.

Keep The Wound Area Dry.

If the wound comes in contact with water, there is a risk of infection. Bacteria or fungi may grow there and make the condition worse. Also, it will slow the recovery process after the surgery.

Limit Screen Time

Watching the screen continuously can make you uncomfortable. It may cause pain; therefore, avoid having more screen time after the surgery.

Do Not Rub Your Eyes.

Rubbing your eyes may make them swollen, which can lead to infection because of the germs on your hands. Also, do not wear contact lenses, as they make you uncomfortable.

Things Not To Eat After The Surgery

Double eyelid surgery is invasive; therefore, you must care for yourself inside and out. Avoiding some foods may help you to heal the surgery wound effectively. The following are some foods that you need to avoid after the surgery

  • Seafood
  • Fermented or picked food
  • Undercooked food
  • Foods with extra sodium and spices
  • Century eggs
  • Alcohol
  • Particular supplements and vitamins


Double eyelid surgery provides proportionate and beautiful eyes. However, to make the surgery successful, the patient should be cautious about following all the dos and don’ts prescribed by the doctor. In case of any significant discomfort between the recovery days, immediately call the doctor instead of using any home remedy.

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