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What Are Few Tips To Know Before And After Lip Surgery

Lip alignment or lip fillers are the most common type of surgery women, and men get these days. Our smile is the first thing others notice on our faces, and a great smile adds beauty to our personality. Most people feel that a beautiful smile is possible only with beautiful lips and hence get lip surgery (ทำ ปาก, which is the term in Thai). There are a few things that people undergoing this surgery need to know or understand. Lip alignments don’t work for everyone, and there might be a few complications after the surgery. Hence, taking a few measures is essential to yielding the best results. Here are a few before and after tips for lip alignments.

Before The Surgery

  • Restrain yourself from taking any vitamin supplements or dietary supplements. These supplements have their agenda, which might obstruct the surgery’s results. Hence, stop taking any supplements before one week of the surgery date.
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke cigarettes. Any drugs that negatively impact blood clotting are to be avoided at least one month before the surgery date.
  • Hot beverages like tea, coffee, or milk should be avoided the day before the surgery.
  • Avoid any disturbances and distractions and concentrate on getting enough sleep or rest before the surgery.

These tips that people undergoing lip surgery need to know and follow at any cost. It’s also important to let your doctors know about drug allergies to avoid complications in the surgery.

There are a few more things that people undergoing lip treatment need to understand. After surgery, consequences are mandatory; they might range from slight pain to significant changes. Hence, following the after-surgery tips is essential.

After The Surgery

  • Don’t take any vitamins or dietary supplements even after the surgery for at least one month.
  • Any foods that contain too much salt are strictly prohibited for one month.
  • Eating an egg and having meat is also suggested for a speedy recovery from the surgery.
  • Alcohol and smoking are to be avoided for a month after the surgery.
  • Keep the wound neat and give it space to heal. Though there will be swelling, it will eventually reduce.
  • Keep massaging your lips slowly if suggested by your doctors.
  • Do not forget to take your antibiotics as they help pain-relieving and reduce infection.

These are the before and after tips for lip surgery. Don’t forget to contact your doctor if there are any extreme conditions.

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