Tuesday, April 23

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Social Security!

Many people need help understanding the purpose of social security for dental use. If you are wondering why you should get one, who is eligible for social security, and what it covers, you are at the right place. Dental Social security (ทําฟัน ประกันสังคม, which is the term in Thai) covers the essential dental care procedures such as wisdom teeth removal, scaling, filling and tooth extraction.

Eligibility For Social Security

Anyone insured under sections 33 and 39 who contributed to the fund for three months within 15 months before receiving any social security dental services is eligible. It will also cover the expenses for another six months. General office workers are entitled to free dental work upto 900 baht annually.

What Does It Cover?

All dentists advise people to come for a dental check-up every six months or at least once a year to check for early signs of dental diseases. Our teeth are the most active part of the body since they are constantly used daily. We have to take proper care of our teeth; otherwise, there is a higher chance of getting dental diseases, some of which are incurable. Basic dental care such as scaling, filling, wisdom tooth removal, and tooth extraction are essential basic dental care procedures. If we don’t take proper care of our teeth, we may face issues such as toothache, cracked teeth, tooth decay, broken teeth, etc.

Food scraps accumulate due to insufficient cleaning, leading to dental diseases. These dental diseases may spread in the future or even lead to gum diseases. This social security covers only basic dental care because getting it at least once a year is essential. Doing so will tremendously decrease the risk of poor oral hygiene and dental diseases.


Taking proper care of your teeth and visiting the dentist as prescribed can prevent your teeth from severe damage. Dental diseases are uncomfortable and cause a lot of inconveniences. The procedures to fix dental diseases are expensive, so taking care of your teeth is better. It is recommended to use social security rights to get basic dental care, especially wisdom tooth removal. You can use an ID card at the counter without having to pay in advance and get all these facilities that social security covers. It’s easy, convenient, and comfortable. The best part is it is not at all stressful, and the entire procedure is very simple!

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