Friday, July 12

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Bag Surgery!

Do you know about lower lid blepharoplasty? You might not have heard of this term before, but we all have under-eye fat. For some people, it appears more than others. Our eyes appear bulky as we age, and fat accumulates under them. Eye bag surgery (ตัด ถุง ใต้ ตา, which is the term in Thai) is gaining popularity these days! We are talking about this procedure called lower lid blepharoplasty; let’s learn more about it!

What Is This Procedure For? How Is It Done?

Simply put, it is a procedure of the lower eyelid fat and wrinkles around the softer area to help correct loose skin. As we grow old, our skin loses elasticity and fat padding. This leads to puffy and baggy eyes, fine lines and wrinkles.

This cosmetic procedure can make the area under your eyes look smoother and give you a more youthful look.

The structure around our eyes is delicate and has to be treated very carefully. Excess skin and fat are removed before sewing the undereye again. It indeed gives the under eyes a tighter appearance. Closely examining your eyelids will be done so the surgeon can understand where to make incisions. This procedure requires precise incisions due to the proximity to the eyes. You may be administered general or local anaesthesia.

Who Can Get It Done?

If you need under-eye surgery, consult your surgeon or local eye doctor. It is safe to get this procedure done under the guidance of experts. Some potential risks or side effects include bleeding, double vision, drooping upper eyelids, infection or excessive muscle removal.

Appointments before the procedure are crucial to analysing your under-eye area, taking measurements and planning. Only your doctor will give you instructions for care. They may prescribe some ointments to help you deal with possible side effects.

Although anyone can get this procedure done, the results depend on your skin quality, age and skincare routine post-procedure.


If you feel you are ready for the procedure, go for it! You will have to follow instructions before your appointment and take good care of your skin afterwards. All of this may feel overwhelming, but it will give you a look you want to achieve. The cost depends upon a variety of factors. The procedure may vary from person to person. It is essential to reach out to knowledgeable practitioners and discuss all possibilities. This procedure is ultimately safe when done correctly.

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