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Learn How to Get More Clients for Your Home Care Business

You could be starting a brand new home health care business, or you may simply want to grow the business you already have. Either way, to ensure the success of your business, you’ll need to get more clients. If you aren’t sure how you can go about getting clients for your business, then this guide is here to help.

Here are ten useful tips on how you can get more clients for your home health care business:

1. Create Your Marketing Strategy

For the success of your business, you’ll need a robust marketing strategy. Marketing without any proper strategizing can yield short-term rewards, but they don’t tend to pay off in the long run. This is why you should invest time and effort into creating a good marketing strategy for your business. First, understand who your target market is. Then, do your research on what kind of marketing appeals to them, and tailor your business marketing to attract your audience.

2. Provide Quality Care

Marketing isn’t enough to build a successful business. You should also ensure that you provide quality care to the patients. If a patient is happy with your business, they may refer you to their friends and family. This can, in turn, help you get more clients.

To ensure that your business is providing quality care, you will need to recruit the right HHA, onboard them, and instill in them the importance of good service.

3. Getting Referrals from Your Network

Getting your business referred to others by your clients can do wonders for your business. At the same time, referrals from your professional network can be just as valuable. Build a rapport with the medical facilities, hospitals, and nursing homes near your business. That way, if they know a client who wants home care, they can refer your business to the client.

A good tactic is to pass on brochures about your business to the hospitals and nursing homes near your area. If they come across a patient who needs your services, they can pass the brochure on to them.

4. Volunteer

A great way to build a good reputation for your home care business is by giving back to the community any time you can. You can help out at homeless shelters or at soup kitchens. You can also hold a clothing drive for the needy or organize blood drives. You could also hold a fundraiser to raise school supplies for students in your locality or organize a cleaning-up event at the local park or beach.

At such events, your business should be displayed prominently. Ask your employees to wear clothing branded with the business logo, and give out pens, notebooks, and calendars that have your business logo on them.

5. Sponsoring Events

You can also choose to sponsor events for your community. An example of this is organizing after-school classes for adults who want to learn or even sponsoring a foot race. The idea is to get the name of your home care business out in front of prospective clients.

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6. Speaking at Events

Speak at events whenever you get the opportunity. This will help you increase the reputation of your home care business. Consider going to senior centers and assisted living facilities to speak on topics like aging and health. You could even speak at your local Church. When you speak publicly, you give your business a face. This can help you attract more clients.

7. Partnering with Businesses

Consider partnering with different companies in your area as well. While you give out referrals for them, they’ll be giving out referrals for you. Remember though, that your reputation will be on the line when you refer someone. Do your research and ensure that you only partner with businesses that provide quality care and services.

8. Outsource When You Can

Running a home care business isn’t easy, and you’ll need to put on several hats to manage different aspects of the business. You should delegate work where you can and outsource what can be outsourced. First, determine what your employees can do. Don’t try to take them away from their caregiving tasks, but if someone is free, ask them to help you with managing the business.

9. Cultivating an Online Presence

Not all your clients will be local to your area. There could be clients who live nearby with family who live in a different state. Should a family member be looking for a home health aide for their family, they will most likely search online. This is why your home care business should have an official website, as well as business social media handles.

10. Monitoring Your Efforts

If you can, set up a tracking system that helps you understand where your clients are coming from. You can get marketing reports from your website or business social media accounts. You could, for example, find out which of your marketing campaigns garnered the most interest among your target market. With the help of these insights, you can tailor your marketing efforts to yield greater results.


Whether you’ve just started your home care business or you run an established business, new clients are always necessary. There are several things that you can do to attract more clients to your business. This guide takes you through what ten of those things are.


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