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What Are the Types of Horn Chestnut Shaped Lip?

International beauty is continuously evolving, and one state-of-the-art trait that has taken the makeup enterprise by using storm is the horn chestnut-formed lip.

This captivating lip form adds a detail of distinctiveness and appeal to your ordinary appearance.

We will discover the numerous forms of a type of horn chestnut-shaped lip (ทรงของปากกระจับ, which is the term in Thai), delve into the strategies to reap them and provide you with professional suggestions to master this fashion.

Get prepared to raise your splendour recreation with this incredible lip form!

Understanding the Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip

The horn chestnut-formed lip is characterized by its distinct curvature, akin to the elegant silhouette of a chestnut.

It creates an illusion of fuller and more said lips, enhancing the herbal beauty of your face.

This lip form has won a reputation for its ability to add a detail of sophistication and sensuality to any makeup look.

Whether you have skinny lips or need to test with a new fashion, the horn chestnut formed lip is an excellent desire to obtain a captivating and brand new appearance.

Type of Horn Chestnut Shaped Lip

There are one-of-a-kind variations of the horn chestnut-shaped lip, permitting you to select the one that high-quality complements your facial functions.

The most not unusual types consist of the diffused horn chestnut, the reported horn chestnut, and the elongated horn chestnut.

The diffused horn chestnut offers a softer curve, supplying a delicate and natural appearance—the stated horn chestnut has a more described curvature, developing a bolder and more dramatic look.

Lastly, the elongated horn chestnut extends the curve further, adding a touch of beauty and class.

Experiment with these versions to find the style that suits you in high quality.

Techniques to Achieve the Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip

To obtain the horn chestnut-shaped lip, you may need to grasp the artwork of lip contouring and shading. Begin outlining your lips barely past their natural obstacles, specializing in creating the preferred curvature.

Next, use a lip liner to colour the outer corners of your lips, step by step blending the colour toward the middle. This method provides depth and size to your lips, accentuating the horn’s chestnut form.

Finally, fill your lips with lipstick or gloss, ensuring an unbroken transition from the lining. Practice these strategies to attain a faultless and captivating horn chestnut-shaped lip.

Tips for Perfecting the Horn Chestnut-Shaped Lip

To decorate the attraction of your horn chestnut-formed lip, recollect the subsequent suggestions:

  1. Hydration Is Vital: Moisturizing and exfoliating your lips for an easy canvas.
  2. Choose The Proper Lip Products: Opt for creamy and pigmented lipsticks or lip glosses to decorate the form.
  3. Experiment With Sunglasses: Play with different colours that supplement your skin tone and style.
  4. Blend And Soften: Use a lip brush or fingertips to blend the lip liner and lipstick, creating a seamless gradient effect.
  5. Confidence Is Vital: Rock your horn chestnut fashioned lip with self-assurance and embrace your precise splendour.


Type of horn chestnut-shaped lip is a fascinating and cutting-edge splendour fashion that adds a touch of allure to your basic look.

You may reap this fantastic lip form by information about the different sorts, learning the techniques, and following professional suggestions.

Embrace your individuality, experiment with styles, and raise your makeup sport with the captivating horn chestnut fashioned lip. Get ready to show heads and make an announcement anywhere you go!

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