Soberlink’s role in facilitating parental visitation

If you have a history of alcohol misuse and are a parent with visitation rights, the court may order you not to drink in the presence of your kid.

The other parent might try to exploit your history of drinking issues as justification for denying you visiting access. Soberlink is a useful tool for defending one’s visiting rights and oneself against erroneous allegations of alcohol misuse.

Talk to a child custody attorney in League City to find out whether utilizing Soberlink can safeguard your visiting rights if you are fighting addiction or making progress toward sobriety from alcohol misuse.

How Soberlink can help you keep your visitation rights with your children?

Because of its wireless connectivity and Breathalyzer capability, Soberlink is an all-inclusive alcohol monitoring solution. With today’s technology, it’s easier than ever to provide immediate evidence of sobriety.

In-the-moment blood alcohol monitoring levels are transmitted to our clinical team via the Soberlink service. Since the outcomes are easily observable, corrective action may be taken promptly. All of these combined findings are documented and used to increase responsibility.

Soberlink does not infringe on your privacy and is easily accessible.

The Soberlink system is a non-intrusive alternative to other methods of alcohol monitoring that may be used to demonstrate sobriety at any time. Facial recognition hardware and software are integrated into the alcohol tracking system to ensure only authorized users have access to the system.

Since Soberlink may be used remotely, alcohol monitoring can be seamlessly incorporated into your routine. You can keep track of your alcohol consumption without interrupting your hectic routine with frequent in-person testing.

You may spend more time with your kids without worrying about missing out on their schoolwork due to testing. If you’re using Soberlink to verify your sobriety during child visitation, the other parent may rest easy.

Proof of sobriety obtained through soberlink may be accepted in court.

Soberlink’s cutting-edge monitoring technology ensures that the gadget and its results are immune to any efforts at manipulation. You can submit breathalyzer results in real time as evidence that you have not been drinking.

Because of Soberlink’s dependability and ease-of-use, users may use their sobriety as a basis for negotiating more positive visitation schedules with their children’s other parent.

A parent’s custody or visiting rights may be revoked if they have a history of alcohol misuse. However, consistent usage of Soberlink allows a parent to rebut false charges of alcohol misuse since they may utilize the device remotely to establish a record of sobriety.

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