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The most recent research on cannabis and its use in the treatment of chronic pain


One of the things that people ought to know about cannabis is that it is used for treating chronic pain and getting relief from the pain. But there are a lot of things about cannabis and its health benefits and also the associated risks that the researchers don’t understand yet. There has been new research that suggests that cannabis products that contain CBD and THC components can help in treating chronic pain and improving it in the short-term. Besides that, the findings of the researchers also advise that there is a risk of dizziness and sedation associated with the use of cannabis, and they require more data for a long-term impact.

New Research & Reviews-

To find out more about cannabis use and effects, visit the online the medical cannabis clinic UK. Several people are there who experience chronic pain or some kind of pain that stays for an extended period. There are experts who are on the go and researching the new methods of pain relief and medication options that are new. In addition, one of the areas of interest is the use and study of cannabis products for pain relief. The latest systematic review that was printed in the Annals of Internal Medicine has found that cannabis products can help in treating chronic pain for the short-term. However, doctors and researchers need to understand the use of cannabis and the potential drawbacks of cannabis, which are sedation and increased dizziness. Also, there is an uncertainty about whether cannabis can be used for a long time.

Cannabis for Chronic Pain Relief

One of the things that people mostly know is that chronic pain lasts for months or years, depending on the intensity of the case, and there are millions of adults who experience different kinds of chronic pain. So, experts are constantly working on finding ways to treat chronic pain through medications and therapies of various kinds. Besides that, experts are continuing their research and studies on how cannabis can help in improving or relieving pain. Plus, the area of interest is how medical practitioners are using cannabis to treat chronic pain. Cannabis is basically a plant, and individuals can use different portions of the plant to create or develop different products. The two main compounds in cannabis are THC and CBD. Some products contain both CBD and THC. The main point of difference between CBD and THC is that products containing CBD do not cause mind-altering effects, whereas the THC portion causes people to have an elevated state of mind, or high in other terms.

Cannabinoids’ Effectiveness for Chronic Pain-

Some of the products are available in the US and the FDA has at present approved the use of 2 medications that contain THC – one is Syndros and the other is Marinol. The term “cannabinoids” refers to a compound which contains both CBD and THC. In the research, the researchers studied the products used, i.e., cannabinoids, and looked at the ratio of THC to CBD. Whether the products contained a high concentration of CBD or THC, a low concentration of THC or CBD, or both. The outcome of the research was lacking and the data was not sufficient for some products to find out if they efficaciously treated chronic pain. However, the researchers also found some findings that supported the effectiveness of the cannabis products for treating chronic pain.

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